Perspective: Voting Yes For Travel

May 3rd, 2012

Around Sabre, we like to say “Travel is good.”

We believe when there is more travel and travel is made better, then the world is a better place. When people travel, jobs are created and economies thrive. Business gets done. Friends and families reconnect. And vacations and dreams are realized.

Simply put, travel is good — very good for all of us. It’s why we advocate so strongly for an open, transparent travel marketplace.

Because travel is so important, we are proud to support the U.S. Travel Association’s Vote Travel campaign. To promote the campaign, USTA is in the midst of a 40-city, 20,000-mile bus tour. Our CEO, Sam Gilliland, a member of the USTA board, participated in the Los Angeles stop. And I was honored to speak at the recent Dallas/Fort Worth rally.

At its core, travel is an economic engine. One out of every nine U.S. jobs depends on travel and tourism. That’s 14 million jobs, ranking travel and tourism fifth among all employment sectors. International visitors spent $139 billion on travel and tourism in the United States in 2011, making travel and tourism the U.S.’s largest industry export. Travel and tourism generated $1.8 trillion – yes, trillion — in total economic output in the United States last year.

In this election year, we are working with the USTA to encourage our public officials to reduce security and visa hassles, to invest in promoting travel, and to stop piling taxes on the industry that make travel less affordable. We join the USTA in voting “Yes” for travel, and if you would like to cast your vote, please visit

Chris Kroeger, Senior Vice President, Sabre Travel Network

To see more pictures from the event, visit the Flickr page.

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