In The News: Impacts Of Hidden Airline Fees On Managed Travel Programs

May 22nd, 2012

It takes massive computing power for travel management companies (TMCs) to efficiently present relevant routing options, let alone if ancillary services and associated fees were included. Combined fare and ancillary services prices are currently not automated and presented to travelers for comparison-shopping purposes because airlines have refused since 2008 to provide TMCs with ancillary fee data in a transparent and purchasable format.

Corporate travel managers understand this and are frustrated over the many wholly avoidable problems caused by airlines denying them the automated and dynamic ancillary fee data necessary to run managed travel programs effectively and efficiently. A static list of services and fees on an airline website hardly represents transparency and offers little benefit for travel programs.

In order for there to be true transparency, ancillary services and fees need to be combined with airfares via this massive computing power so that fully priced, side-by-side comparative travel options can be presented for a traveler’s consideration. Otherwise, fees remain, for all intents and purposes, completely obfuscated from the millions of disparate options that were once so efficiently comparison-shopped.

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